5 Things I Learned Dating a Vegan

I’m getting married in October, but I was reflecting on some of the important lessons I’ve learned throughout various relationships, and I think I’ve gotten something of value out of every stage of my life. I dated a vegan once, and I learned a lot cooking with him — and eating out was fun too! I learned a lot of great substitutions even non-vegans can use.

1. Vegetarian Sushi is Actually Edible

green sushi in a bowl
sushi should be green, not pink, amiright?

Tempura might not be vegan, but I’ve tried seafood sushi at various points in my life and never liked it. It wasn’t until I dated a vegan that I was ever exposed to sushi without raw fish in it, and eating vegetarian was my compromise… because vegetable tempura rolls are delicious, and so are sweet potato rolls — which always seem to have tempura, not that I’m sad. That little extra crunch is delightful!

2. Applesauce Makes Everything Better

applesauce is amazing and makes a lot of recipes vegan
applesauce: not just for infants anymore!

Applesauce doesn’t just make every baked thing ever more moist and delicious. Sure, it makes a great substitute for egg in a recipe because it’s so useful as a binding agent, but it also works great in place of oil for greasing a pan so nothing sticks.

It makes a better quick, healthy snack than eggs, too. The natural sugars are a good energy boost, and it takes a lot less effort to eat a bowl of applesauce than it does to make scrambled eggs. Having more reasons to keep applesauce in the fridge is always good.

3. Soy Milk Lasts Forever

soy field
I like to skip the step in between. Who needs cows anyway?

Well, almost forever. I’ve had it go bad on me — after what seemed like months, way longer than it’s ever taken milk to sour. Besides, when soy milk goes bad, it’s a lot less outright disgusting than sour milk, and I could tell immediately — without the nasty smell or having to drink it before realizing.

4. Multi-grain Cheerios Can Be Sugary Sweet

The other great advantage of soy milk is that even though it’s probably got less sugar in it than regular milk, it makes bog-standard unsweetened multi-grain and ancient grains cheerios — and presumably other unsweetened cereals — taste like honey-nut or sugared cereals, without any of the junk-food caloric guilt.

5. Protein Cures Headaches

cup of coffee on wood floor
proper coffee is black — like death

I’ve heard that caffeine cures headaches, though that’s just if you’re an addict suffering from withdrawal — and I’m one of those poor souls who can’t drink coffee. I can’t each too much chocolate, either. I have a heart condition that makes stimulants pretty dangerous.

Anyway, one of the things that vegans have to watch out for is not getting enough protein. Pretty logical, right? Headaches are one of the warning signs of insufficient protein in the diet, which I hadn’t known — and now that I do, I’m careful to snack on nuts and seeds instead of chips and crackers, and my body thanks me for it.

Insofar as I’m not my body — but that Philosophy degree was a long time ago. I try not to think about Descartes much these days. I’d rather think about food.

Even if my fiance hates the idea of applesauce in his brownies.

Let me know what you think!