Earth 2: Big Ideas & Bad Characters


Eleanor teaches Social Studies to 6th graders and spends the bits of time left over writing books that bring history -- and magic -- to life. She enjoys rock climbing, bullet journaling, & gardening focused on plants you can actually eat.

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3 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    I haven’t seen this, but I agree about an idea not being enough. I hate when I really want to like something because the concept interests me, but I can’t because the characters are bad or generally the style isn’t to my liking.

    • Eleanor says:

      That’s exactly it. A good idea can make me pick up a story, but without characters, I won’t finish it — and if someone recommends something to me on the basis of awesome characters, the premise doesn’t have to be great. So in the end I think characters really are more important.

      • Alex says:

        Definitely agreed. People will criticize a show or whatever for having clichéed plots and I’ll be like I don’t even care, I loved the characters. (And I have a soft spot for a lot of clichés.)

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