Fictional History: An Exercise in Loglines


Eleanor teaches Social Studies to 6th graders and spends the bits of time left over writing books that bring history -- and magic -- to life. She enjoys rock climbing, bullet journaling, & gardening focused on plants you can actually eat.

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4 Responses

  1. Monday April 25th

    […] mentioned before that my novel features a religious element. It’s a central part of the conflict that a […]

  2. Monday May 23rd

    […] I’ve been trying to figure out how to approach the sequel to my next book. As with the prequel I discussed, I’d like to have a plan firmly in mind now so that when I as I write, I can do so with an […]

  3. Saturday July 2nd

    […] I’m a big history nerd, so I firmly believe that fictional history should be at least as interesting as real history. The Last Collared Mage takes place during a pivotal point in Verraine’s history: an enslaved […]

  4. Monday October 3rd

    […] because there’s already a work that needs finishing. That’s why I have so many posts about premises here on my blog.  What are you working on right […]

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